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Enneagram types in the workplace

by The 100 Companies

The Enneagram personality types can be an impactful tool in cultivating effective relationships with colleagues and employees in the workplace. Enneagram helps provide insight into the nine personality types so that you can communicate and meet the needs of your team better.
Here are the nine types in the workplace:

  1. Perfectionist — Responsible, thorough, hard-working.
  2. Giver — Positive, people-orientated.
  3. Performer — Productive, highly motivated, quick.
  4. Romantic — Authentic, personal connections.
  5. Observer — Thinkers, strategists.
  6. Loyal — Dependable, problem solvers.
  7. Epicure — Adaptable, quick thinking.
  8. Protector — Leader, forceful.
  9. Mediator — Steady, balanced.

If you are not familiar with the Enneagram, review the types and take the test here.

Ashley Glass, Jones PR

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Lynn Roulo March 17, 2021 - 6:32 am

Hi Ashley,
Great post and thanks for helping spread the power of the Enneagram! You might like this post too–how the Enneagram helps promote diversity in the workplace–the superpower of each Enneagram type. 🙂


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