Home History Celebrate Oklahoma Statehood Day on Nov. 16

Celebrate Oklahoma Statehood Day on Nov. 16

by Michael Polzella
Oklahoma Statehood Day

On Nov. 16, 1907, President Roosevelt signed legislation that granted statehood to Oklahoma, making it the 46th state to join the union.

Let’s celebrate Statehood Day with some facts about Oklahoma:

• The state motto means “labor conquers all things.”

• The name “Oklahoma” comes from the Choctaw language and means “red people.”

• Oklahoma intersects four cultural regions – the West, Midwest, South and Southwest.

• Red dirt is found on more than 1 million acres in 33 counties across the state.

• Oklahoma’s major industries include aerospace/aviation, energy and weather.

You’re doing fine, Oklahoma. Happy 111th birthday.

– Meaghan Hatch, Jones PR

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