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College football predictions 2022

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This year, the Oklahoma Sooners have a new coach, Brent Venables, and a new offensive coordinator, Jeff Lebby, who had spent the past few years with Coach Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss.

Overall, the Sooners are on track to compete for the Big 12 Championship once again and they’ll likely stay in the national title pursuit for a while.

In today’s era of college football, every game is a must-win, but the stakes will be higher for Oklahoma State. A win over West Virginia could mean another visit to AT&T Stadium for the Big 12 Championship in early December.

Mick Cornett, Jones PR

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Ronn Cupp September 20, 2022 - 7:26 pm

Just FYI. OSU is also expected to compete for the Big 12 title this year.

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