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What You’re Saying

by Mehran Moin

“I’m LOVING the Oklahoma 100. I love each week when it arrives in my inbox – getting quick slices and stories of the top happenings in Oklahoma! THANK YOU for this incredible resource!” – Kendra L.

“I receive several newsletters and ‘outsider’ emails in my work email inbox.  Quite honestly — your e-publication is the only one I read through! In reality, I really don’t have much spare time throughout my work day. We are as busy as we’ve ever been in the health care industry; however, each time I read the first ‘100 word’ news sensation, special report or idea, I keep going and read on to the next. Impressive publication with short, concise and to-the-point reporting; I call that ‘perfection in a nutshell’! Keep them coming!”– Nita S.

“Thanks for the distraction. The 100 has become my latest favorite way to procrastinate.” –Jackson H

“I LOVE the concept and platform you have created.” – Danny S.

“Thanks for sending this newsletter to me. I love it!” – Elizabeth B.

“This is an awesome newsletter! Thanks for putting me on the list.” – Rick G.

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