Home Living Renovations that pay off

Renovations that pay off

by The 100 Companies
Renovations that pay off

A new report by Wren Kitchens revealed the home improvements that add the most value to the overall price of a home. The report surveyed 2,000 U.S. homeowners and renters to reveal how much homebuyers would increase their offer by based on different home upgrades.

The top features, along with the percentage increase they add to the value of a home can be seen below:

Upgrade / home feature – Percent increase in value of a home.
• New kitchen – 5.17%
• New bathroom – 4.78%
• New electronics – 4.63%
• New carpets or floors – 4.57%
• Plenty of parking – 4.37%
• Attic conversion – 4.22%
• Garden makeover – 4.09%

Cyndee Woolley, APR, The SWFL 100

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