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Shift from stigma: Therapy

by The 100 Companies

It’s time for the negative stigma around therapy to end. Understanding mental health as a community is ever important.

One in five Oklahomans deal with mental health issues and most individuals won’t seek help. Therapy can be a successful tool for understanding yourself, your world and your mental health. Going to therapy doesn’t make you “weak” – it actually makes you strong. Shifting from stigma about therapy will save lives.

Having the courage to reach out for help can be the hardest step. The new 988 Mental Health Lifeline, launching late this summer, can help. Visit 988Oklahoma.com for more information.

Addie Maze, Jones PR

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Harold A Maio June 23, 2022 - 9:31 pm

When we are redundantly taught to say there is a stigma to mental illnesses, it is next to impossible to do other than repeat it.

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