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6 books to add to summer reading list

by The 100 Companies

Here is a list of recommended titles for summer reading:

  1. Of Women And Salt (Gabriela Garcia) — Novel about how your roots influence your present.
  2. The Flatshare (Beth O’Leary) — Easy read about flatmates who fall in love through sticky notes.
  3. Dream First (Ellen Marie Bennett) — Part memoir, part self-help to remind you to swing big.
  4. Girls With Bright Futures (T.Dobeier) — Fictional look at three moms focused on college admissions.
  5. Early Morning Riser (Katherine Heiny) — Charming and funny novel about the many ways love appears in our lives.
  6. Good Company (Cynthia Sweeney) — Will spark conversations about marriage, friendship and parenthood.

Taylor Ketchum, Jones PR

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