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Healthy alternatives while eating out this summer

by The 100 Companies
Healthy alternatives while eating out

During summer, many are focused on eating healthy. To help achieve these goals, Hal Smith Restaurants have a variety of menu options to keep meals low calorie, low carb or gluten-free when dining out.

Pub W
• Quinoa Bowl (GF): Grilled chicken or shrimp, rainbow quinoa, zucchini, tomato, cremini mushroom, spinach.
The Winston
• Spiralized Veggie Pasta: Spiralized sweet potato and zucchini, house marinara, parmesan, choice of protein.
• Grilled Chicken Quinoa Bowl: Rainbow quinoa, spinach, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, zucchini, garlic.
The Garage
• Choose a turkey patty with a wheat bun or lettuce wrap.
Notorious P.I.E.
• Opt for the gluten-free cauliflower crust.

Ashley Glass, Jones PR

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