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Winter staples every professional needs

by The 100 Companies

With the colder temperatures coming in full force, it’s time to trade your tanks and blouses for coats and sweaters. Here are 10 winter staples every professional woman should have:

1. A structured midi coat.

2. Cozy sweater.

3. Midi dress.

4. Tailored pants.

5. Classic black turtleneck.

6. Midi closed-toed heels.

7. Floral blazer.

8. Loafers.

9. Black tights.

10. Midi booties.

Many of these items you can find on Amazon, T.J. Maxx, Lush Fashion Lounge and other stores for an affordable price. Whether you’re replacing your winter staple pieces or searching for new ways to stay warm and fashionable, these items will be trending for a while.

Kristen Fine, Jones PR

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