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10 Tulsa podcasts you must download


Do you struggle to find a podcast you can relate to? Here are 10 podcasts every Tulsan can benefit from:

1. “Museum Confidential” – For a splash of culture.

2. “The F Word” – For entrepreneurs.

3. “War Starts at Midnight” – For the movie buff.

4. “The Middle of Everything” – Calling all parents.

5. “The Messy Table” – Fellowship.

6. “Young Businessmen of Tulsa Podcast” – Are you a go-getter?

7. “Weekend Plans in Tulsa” – In-the-know and on-the-go Tulsans.

8. “Cultivated Conversations” – Stay eco-conscious.

9. “AA Cafe” – Eclectic coffee.

10. “Channel 4 and a Half” – Everybody can enjoy.

Kristen Giroux, Jones PR

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Jessie K July 24, 2018 - 12:51 pm

You didn’t give any links.

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